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I’m way more in love with this song then I should be.

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this video is a masterpiece 


You want to know why Iggy is worth 6 million and Nicki is worth 45?


Iggy’s success is based on radio play not album sales. Billboard charts are based mainly on radio play which is why you see dumb ass songs “Selfie” and “What does the fox say” on there. Clear Channel owns ALL the major radio stations in america, they chose what can be played, which is why you only hear Top 40 songs on majority of radio stations these days. Before the early 00s, radio stations were privately owned and we never had this problem. So all of you saying "She’s #1 on the billboard charts, so she must be something!" can shut the fuck up. Billboard charts do not equal talent anymore. 

In the USA performing artists DO NOT receive a royalty for radio play, only the songwriter(s) and the producer(s) do, and we all know Iggy doesn’t write anything so there goes a huge portion of money she could have had if she was a real artist. 

Only other way to make money as a performing artist (apart from album sales obviously) is to a) be a songwriter or 2) be the copyright holder to the song, neither of which Iggy are, so there goes her other income.

Which leaves performing artists who are not a songwriter or copyright holder able to get a direct royalty from songs is via internet radio platforms i.e Spotify, pandora, songza etc. NOT iTunes. iTunes is considered a online retailer, so itunes sales are treated just like an album sale in a store, except for possibly iTunes radio but idk if SoundExchange has expanded to them yet.

The other way is obviously album sales, but beings as her album sales are not that great, her label is going to be keeping a large percentage of that until her advance and all the recording costs are paid off. 

This leaves touring as the only other way to make money, and who is hiring Iggy? No one. Even on a feature, she is only going to get a one time check for the feature, she could get a royalty for each song & album sale, but yet again, she doesn’t write any of her own shit, so she cannot receive a songwriters royalty and performing artists do not receive a royalty for radio play. So the percentage she will make from an actual album sale feature in minuscule. 

And well…Nicki Minaj on the other hand, writes all her own shit, so not only does she receive royalties for radio play, but also every feature she is on AND album sales. 



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im telling you. new york is LIT literally every single day. sza did an afropunk curated show in brooklyn and she brought out willow smith for a duet

are you joking

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suddenly, finally
i’m not forcing it

oh my god are you joking?

if you ignore all the douchiness here, youve got washed out, chet faker, little dragon, snoop, future islands, etc

but um

they dont have one day passes, and the three day passes are like $200




Mos Def.

that is no longer his name, though. that is yasiin bey.

actually his name is now Mr. April Bennett
ya he took my name



Mos Def.

that is no longer his name, though. that is yasiin bey.

actually his name is now Mr. April Bennett

ya he took my name


Little Dragon - Stormy Weather

I’ve recommended Little Dragon to so many people over the last couple of years, and my go to has always been Ritual Union which has made me forget just how good some of the songs on their self titled is. This is still brilliant.

i didnt know aaliyah wrote a song for soap opera superstar erica kane


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